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                      FAQs and Tips

Basic Instructions for paper piecing...

You will need:
Ink pads in coordinating colors
Ink daubers (love these)
extra fine point pen
Chalk (
for shading around eyes, ears, hands, etc..)
Paint Brush (you will want a brush that comes to a fine, stiff point. About the size of the end of a pencil)
White Acrylic Paint and Piercing tool or needle

1. Begin by cutting out all of your pieces, either by hand or using your
favorite cutting machine. All patterns include a numbered picture to
help with easy assemble.
(free sample pattern is available upon request)

2. Dri-fitting your pieces.. With out the use of glue, fit your pieces
together to assure proper placement of all the pieces.

3. Using ink pad in a shade darker than your paper or in a brown, gray
or black shade, lightly pat the dauber on the ink pad.
Note: you may not be able to see any ink on the dauber so you will
need to test it on a spare piece of paper. Once you are familiar with this you will no
loger need to test it.

4. To apply the shaded edge on all of your pieces turn your dauber to
approximatly a 75 degree angle and quickly stroke it around all of the
outside edges of each seperate piece.

5. Once all the pieces have been inked you may now glue them together
following the same order as your dri-fit. Including all facial pieces.

6. Apply chalk: using your paint brush apply light amounts of
shadding around the outside edge of eyes, at the base of clothing,
under the edge of hair, hats, etc.

7. Use your pencil to draw expression lines, bends in arms or legs, or
eyelashes and brows. Then follow over the pencil with extra fine pen.

8. Apply Highlights: Shake your acrylic paint and remove lid, use the
inside of the lid to apply paint. Now using the piercing tool or needle
dip lightly into paint and apply highlights, such as the dot in the eye,
light line at the base of the eye. You may also use this for other light
lines to add depth where a light source would be. You may sometime
see the natural light from your work area to see where to apply the

9. You have now completed your piecing, Congratulations!!!!

Terms of Use:
Permission is granted for personal use.
You may also use the Precious Piecings designs on premade pages, tags, cards and altered items for resale as a single item and credit must be given to www.preciouspiecings.com
Use of the Precious Piecings designs in mass production or redistribution as a single item, picture, pattern or clip art
is NOT permitted.
Graphics are not to be resold in any format.

Helpful Hints

Preparing to use Sure Cuts Alot with your Cricut
Step By Step Cutting

In order to cut the paper piecing patterns with your Cricut TM or Cricut Expression, you need the following additional items:

* USB cable for hooking up the Cricut to the computer (generic cable like those used for hooking up a printer)

* Latest firmware on the Cricut machine (free download)

Get Your Sure Cuts Alot (SCAL) Here; http://www.craftedge.com/purchase/purchase.php?rfid=1492941&ref=5cebb8259f23785e663f213733c96d5b

The SCAL software is available for both Windows (XP/Vista) and Mac systems. The firmware for the Cricut must be updated using the ProvoCraft Design Studio Trial software (free). Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows XP SP2/Vista 32 bit (no Mac). If you own a Mac, you will need to download and update your Cricut firmware using an alternate computer. Once you update your Cricut firmware, you will never have to access the Design Studio software again. So, this makes it easy to use another person’s computer on a temporary basis and then delete the Design Studio software after updating your Cricut firmware.

Setting Up the Cricut

1) Check the firmware version on your Cricut. When you turn on your CricutTM machine, the display will show which firmware version is currently loaded on your Cricut machine. Sure Cuts A Lot requires version 1.1 for Cricut

Personal machines and version 2.1 for Cricut Expression machines.

2) If your machine does not have the updated firmware, you will need to download the Design Studio trial software.

Go to this website address to download the free trial software.



3) After installing the Design Studio software, plug your Cricut into your computer via the USB cable (an inexpensive generic USB cable works). The Cricut is plug & play compatible.

Your computer should automatically recognize your Cricut.

4) Open the Design Studio software. You don’t need to activate it. You can run the software under the trial mode. Under the Help menu, click on “Update Cricut Firmware”. Make sure your Cricut is plugged into your computer

before doing this. Follow the onscreen instructions for updating the firmware. The updating process can take 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Once the update is complete, you can close the

Design Studio software. Turn off your Cricut & turn it back on. Look at the firmware version that shows up on the display screen of the Cricut. Make sure it’s the correct version (1.1 or 2.1 depending on the machine).

If you choose, you may uninstall the Design Studio software.

Installing the Sure Cuts A Lot Software

Get Your Sure Cuts Alot (SCAL) Here; http://www.craftedge.com/purchase/purchase.php?rfid=1492941&ref=5cebb8259f23785e663f213733c96d5b
In order to use this software

(without a watermark cut), you will need to purchase an activation code.

Not only can you cut svg files with SCAL, but you can cut any true type font and dingbats (thousands available online for free or use the ones already on your pc).

You can weld and outline and do so much more!

Step by Step Instructions for Using SVG Files in SCAL

1) Open Sure Cuts A Lot program. Place curser in upper left corner of the cutting mat surface. Don’t place curser right on the border of the cutting surface. Place the curser slightly away from the border to allow for a small cutting buffer. Click your mouse to set the location. A red line should appear on the mat to indicate where the SVG file will load.

2) Click on File>Import SVG

3) Locate and select SVG file on your computer and click Open.

4) SVG file will appear on your mat. Click on the handlebar in the lower right corner and while holding

the mouse button down, drag the handlebar out/down to make the SVG bigger.

Be sure to stay within the cutting range indicated by the dash lines on the mat. 

5) Cut and place the cardstock for the pattern on the mat according to the groupings. For example, on this pattern, you would cut a piece of brown cardstock 6”W x 6”L and stick down on the mat, then a piece of dark brown 2' W x 2 1/2”L (be sure to add a small amount to the measurements so that cuts aren’t right on the edge of the cardstock) then a piece of white 1 1/2”W x 1 1/2”L. All pieces would but up to each other on the mat.

6) Click on Cutter>Preview to see the red outline of what will actually cut.

7) The red outline in the preview indicates the actual cut line locations on the mat. Loan cutting mat into the

Cricut and click on Scissor icon to cut.

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